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Making It Happen: Layl, Human Resources Administrator

While managing a career and a family leaves some parents feeling frazzled, Layl, Closer to Home’s Human Resources Administrator, seems to have found a nice balance. “For me, it’s about getting to do what I love and what I believe in:  I love my family and I very much believe Read more

November 25th, 2016|

Making It Happen: Marsha, Kiwehtata Facilitator

Ten years ago, Marsha had a friend knock on her door. Little did she know, her friend was there on a mission: she insisted Marsha had a natural talent for working with families and offered her a role helping families with supervised visits. Just like that, Marsha made a drastic Read more

October 28th, 2016|

How Do I Teach My Child to Accept “No”?

I’m in the habit of buying small treats or toys for my 5-year-old when we go shopping, but now she expects it every time. When I don’t buy her something, she gets upset. How do I curb this behaviour? – Melanie This is a concern that we often hear from parents. Read more

August 18th, 2016|

Journey to Healing

When Josh* first came to Closer to Home at the young age of 9, he often felt angry and anxious. Behind the freckles dancing on his face and dark eyes, a history of trauma left a wound that made it difficult for him to regulate his emotions. He needed a Read more

August 18th, 2016|

How Do I Motivate My Daughter to Clean Up After Herself?

Danica asks: "My daughter is old enough to clean up after herself, but I feel like no matter how much I ask her she never listens. How do I motivate her to clean up after herself?"

June 16th, 2016|

Kick Starting a Child’s Potential

“I’ve got just one year left, and then I’m going to be a mechanical engineer,” Omar* says with pride. Fourteen years ago, Omar and his family left everything behind in Turkey and landed in Calgary. For six-year-old Omar, that meant leaving behind his friends, aunties, uncles and cousins. It meant Read more

May 13th, 2016|

Am I Spending Enough Time With My Child?

I know it’s good for kids if parents spend a lot of time with them and participate in their activities. I try to, but find I’m not able to complete all my household tasks too. How do I create a balance? - Jack I understand it can be really difficult Read more

May 13th, 2016|

Fostering a Legacy of Hope

“Everybody makes mistakes,” says Ellen*, a Foster Parent with Closer to Home. “We’re all only one tragedy or crisis away from doing the same thing.” Ellen and her husband, Steven*, have opened their home to more than 50 foster children over the last 15 years. Children have come to her Read more

May 13th, 2016|

It All Started at Summer Camp…

When Amir* first came to Canada, he was lost. He didn’t have any friends and his family didn’t have the financial resources to register him in community programming. They were having a difficult time adjusting to life in their new home, and his parents found it hard to keep up Read more

April 6th, 2016|

Community Support Gives Hope in a Difficult Economy

It’s a situation many Calgary families are currently facing:  unanticipated job loss coupled with unexpected expenses, like the rising cost of groceries. A single mom of three kids, Sophia* found herself facing extreme financial strain after she lost her job. With the holidays quickly approaching, she worried she wouldn’t be able to give her children the Christmas they deserved. When she heard her children talking about what the other kids at school would be doing over the holidays, she found herself unable to even think about buying a turkey or preparing a special meal this year. She couldn’t afford to give her children the things they needed, let alone the things they wanted. Read more

February 12th, 2016|

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